Today is the last day of one year in my life. Tomorrow, my life cycle changes out its last digit for a higher number.

With the exception of 2016, for over 10 years now, I’ve gone to Galveston to watch the sunrise around my birthday. I went today, the day…

Do you remember
That time you flirted
With running for office
To become the man
You thought I wanted?

I wish I could bend
Space and time to return
With the knowledge

At this point in the 2018 cycle, Beto O’Rourke did not have wide name recognition. He had a social media presence but it’s debateable about how well-known that presence was inside of Texas.

He also eventually used that social media presence to champion Will Hurd over Gina Ortiz Jones. And…

And the first crack appeared
Salt water poured through
Streaming down apples

Deepened the grooves
Splintering slowly
Tiny spears jabbing into ribs
Spiking every breath

The ground shook…

In the bramble
Where sweet berries lay
And monsters fear to tread
Upon thorny branches
We’ll wrap vines around us
Watching fireflies
Wishing upon bioluminescence
Like meteors
Falling to Earth

Burning flame
Of curious consequence
A racing blue-violet
And a scarring roar
Leaving terrifying scorches
Upon a winding trail
Seasons blew into a smolder
Dark, smokey orange
Where time heals and excites
Though I love the purple,
It is the orange I crave.
- 1 July 2021-

This post contains spoilers about the new Disney+ Marvel series. If you have not watched the first three episodes of the series, and do not wish to be spoiled, please do not read any futher.

I have a friend who last weekend posed a question to her Twitter followers, in…

The first boy to ever kiss me — even just a peck on the cheek was named James. We were playing during the summer at daycare on the playset in the back, and he didn’t ask for permission. …

Earlier this week, as Dianne Morales’ campaign imploded due to a toxic work environment, the question of unionizing local campaigns has been spreading rapidly around Twitter.

“If they’re so short, why unionize?” “Money spent for a campaign should go to the ‘cause’,” negating the fact that paying workers a living…

Bethany Bannister

Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) with strong opinions with a kind heart. Combined with excellent writing, these are my super powers.

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