And the first crack appeared
Salt water poured through
Streaming down apples

Deepened the grooves
Splintering slowly
Tiny spears jabbing into ribs
Spiking every breath

The ground shook…

In the bramble
Where sweet berries lay
And monsters fear to tread
Upon thorny branches
We’ll wrap vines around us
Watching fireflies
Wishing upon bioluminescence
Like meteors
Falling to Earth

Burning flame
Of curious consequence
A racing blue-violet
And a scarring roar
Leaving terrifying scorches
Upon a winding trail
Seasons blew into a smolder
Dark, smokey orange
Where time heals and excites
Though I love the purple,
It is the orange I crave.
- 1 July 2021-

Bethany Bannister

Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) with strong opinions with a kind heart. Combined with excellent writing, these are my super powers.

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